BBM Cast Iron FE Engine Block (FE427 Side Oiler)


BBM Cast Iron FE Engine Block

NHRA   Accepted for STK & SS

The new BBM FE engine block is significantly stronger than the stock block and is ideally suited for both restoration and high performance purposes.  It has a larger bore capacity, allowing for much larger displacement engines without the cylinder wall weakness issues that have plagued the stock OEM blocks.

BBM cast iron FE block features include:

• Exterior appearance to original 1965 FE OEM sideoiler blocks

• Original true sideoiler oiling system

• Enlarged main oil passages

(As is customarily done by most FE experienced engine builders to OEM blocks. No oiling system modifications will be needed with the BBM block)

• Screw-in “freeze” plugs

• .750 inch thick deck for incredible strength and rigidity

• Cast with siamesed cylinder walls for maximum strength and bore capability

• Water jackets are cast solid, right up to the bottom of lower core plugs to maximize cylinder strength and support

• Max bore capability 4.440 inch, bores are 4.245-inches to be finish honed to 4.250 inch

• Accepts a 4.375 inch stroke with no modification necessary

• Stock 10.170 inch deck height

• ARP 12 point Cross-bolted main caps upgraded from stock 3/8 to 7/16, interference fit amid the block skirts without spacers. Locating dowels in the main saddles ”Lock” the forged and heat-treated 8620 steel main caps in place

• Down under are heavier, thicker main webs and pan rails for superior strength

• All cylinder head oil feed passages are tapped with 5/16 – 18 threads for easy placement of an oil restrictor if the use of a restrictor is desired

• Standard ARP main studs supplied and installed

(You may use standard ARP head bolts)

• Bosses cast in place for SOHC “Cammer” head oil drainbacks, ready for drilling if needed

• Machined and drilled for full hydraulic lifter capability

• Strengthening ribs cast into lifter valley area for increased rigidity and strength

• Main oil galley passages are larger than the factory originals for increased oil volume

• Accepts both FE and Cleveland main bearings. Tangs are machined for both, allowing a wider choice of performance bearings

• Block weighs approx. 250 lbs.

• An optional 4.170 inch bore will be available for the 428 crowd.





Pair our BBM FE Block with the BBM FE Cylinder Heads and BBM Tunnel Wedge Intake Manifold for unprecedented bolt-on strength, power, and reliability.