BBM FE Cylinder Heads

—BBM FE Cylinder Heads

Bear Block Motors (BBM) is proud to introduce the incredible new BBM FE cylinder head for 390, 427, and 428 big-blocks with 2.150/1.650  or 2.200/1.650 inch intake/exhaust valves with the lightweight 11/32 inch stems. Combustion chambers are engineered for optimum swirl and quench right out of box. High-swirl/high-quench chambers allow for more aggressive ignition timing on today’s more unforgiving pump gas. BBM heads flow 35-50 more CFM than current aftermarket FE head and 3 to 5 degrees less timing requires. Also available are CNC-ported FE aluminum heads with 2.250/1.710-inch valves, which calls for 4.230 inch minimum bore size.



BBM FE cylinder head features include:

• Precision high quality castings

• Machine quality control second-to-none resulting in a precision fit with performance to match

• Factory installed Time serts utilizing the highest quality, strongest-threaded insert available on all rocker system and exhaust manifold mounting holes, as well as the front/rear accessory mounting holes

• Manganese bronze valve guides are factory installed

• Hardened high grade ductile iron valve seats installed and interlocked

• Approximate 75 cc heart shaped combustion chambers

• Intake runner  vol.  180cc

• Exhaust runner  vol.  130cc

• 5/8 deck thickness

• Recommend valves  2.150/1.65  or  2.200/1.650

• Heads will fit standard 390 bore with  2.200/1.650

• Exhaust ports in the stock OEM location

• Accepts OEM spec shaft and stand rocker arm systems with generous additional pad material cast into the head


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Available for immediate delivery












Our BBM assembled head will come standard with high quality stainless

steel 11/32″ stem valves. Intake valves 2.200, and exhaust valves 1.650  diameter.

We offer assembled heads in two configurations. For Hydraulic roller application will come equipped

with beehive springs on ID locators,  10 degree retainers and locks, and positive Viton seals.

Installed height 1.880 @ 155 pounds.  Open pressure @ 1.280 height is 377 lbs.

Coil bind at 1.230.  Springs are intended for a max lift of .600 inch, and adequate for hydraulic roller use.

Some flat lifter cams will be compatible with these specs, however, proper requirements and break-in are

the responsibility of the end-user.

For milder flat tappet application we also offer a single spring with damper

110 lbs, seat pressure with 285 lbs @ .500 lift, max lift of .550 inch. This package  comes with 10 degree steel retainers,

locks, and positive Viton seals.  Consult  with your cam manufacturer about compatibility.

If using solid or hydraulic flat tappet lifters, consult the cam manufacturer of your chosen camshaft to insure

these specs are suitable for your use.

Please discuss with your professional engine builder for your application needs.




“Ready for spring” 

$2250/pr.      plus shipping



“Complete ready to bolt on assembled head”

$2550/pr. (For Hydraulic roller application) plus shipping


Ships in  2-3 weeks



 Our CNC heads now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of our BBM Ford FE heads with CNC porting.Our ports were designed by Jim Kuntz, and the CNC work is done by Jeff Colvert.

Flow numbers are as follows:

Lift     Intake     Exhaust
.300    219          160
.400    277         200
.500    321         226
.600    346         245
.700    357         255
.800    368        260
.900    375

Valves sizes used in testing above numbers are 2.250″ intake and 1.710″ exhaust. No pipe on the exhaust. Ports showed no backup in testing to 1.00″ lift.

Chamber’s are 80CC



Pricing is according to your needs for your application.

Price inquiries please call or email. / 818-349-0999