Our Products


All BBM products are designed by high performance automotive industry veterans and manufactured in our state-of-the-art OEM foundries.

Through meticulous engineering, hand-porting, and testing, we arrived at the industry-leading design used for our cylinder heads and proprietary heart-shaped combustion chambers. We use hardened valve seats to be compatible with today’s fuels, top quality bronze valve guide inserts, and timeserts installed in all appropriate threaded holes rather than the cheaper and more commonly used helicoils.

Our industry-leading BBM blocks are available in both cast iron and aluminum. Using a traditional side oiler system, the external appearance of the block is identical to the original 1965 OEM sideoiler block but has been significantly strengthened. All our blocks are drilled for hydraulic lifters and well-suited for high performance, racing, and restoration work.
fine tune
Our first BBM intake manifold product is a high quality casting of the famed Tunnel Wedge intake manifold and—like our blocks and heads—has been thoroughly re-engineered with modern high performance internals while retaining a stock appearance on the outside.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality and highest-performing automotive components and are constantly innovating and improving each of our products. Keep an eye out for even more soon to come.